MESSAGE No. 8/2013

This 4th Quarter will be drawing to a close very soon. How quickly has the year gone by! I thought I would issue this activities update earlier taking the opportunity to convey in tandem our warm greetings to all fellow alumni for the season.


By 26th December this year, the number of visitors who hail from 66 countries has increased to 12,122 as against 11,310 at the end of the 3rd Quarter. The hits have escalated sharply to 65,717 [30.9.2013: 51,559].  A strong show of interest. Very interestingly for the first time, the readership from USA has come strongly from behind and seems on the brink of matching the numbers from Singapore for 2nd placing (1045 as against 1050).

My apologies go to all readers and Dato’ Chong Peng Wah for the delay in uploading his 3-part series captioned “Under The Cotton Tree” which contains fascinating accounts of his time in West Africa. I hope you enjoy reading these well-written articles as much as I do.

We look forward to receiving further sequels from Dato’ Chong and other Old Salts.


We now have 542 life members against 359 as at 31.12.2012 and 285 a year before that. Let’s keep the growth momentum going.

In addition, there are 15 Associate Members.


Professor Guna Selvaduray from the University of Sant Jose has come forward to increase the scholarships he sponsors to two for next year. Mr. Lai Moo Chan has affirmed his scholarship sponsorship. We hope that others would emulate their generosity in response to our appeal for 2014.

We are working towards getting the service of an identified speaker to motivate the recipients of our scholarships and bursaries and also other children from poor family financial background.


Mrs. Lee (nee Soot Mooy Cheng, Class of 1976/1977) retired on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013 as the 42nd Principal. Our Alumni Association organized a 5-table dinner at The East Ocean Restaurant, Ipoh Garden in appreciation of her outstanding service and contribution to Ipoh ACS. Five toasts were proposed in her honour. Our Honorary Secretary, Ms Jennifer Ng produced a special video to commemorate Mrs. Lee’s career as an educationist. We bade Mrs. Lee a happy and well-earned retirement.

Mr. Lee Weng Woh (no relation), the 43rd Principal, has shared with us aspirations for Ipoh ACS (see home page posting). We look forward to engaging with Mr. Lee to promote Ipoh ACS as a preferred school.


Our venerated teacher, Mr Chin Yoong Kim has taken on the mission of raising funds to help acquire some new bagpipes for our school band. He was most impressed by the performance of the band at our school’s Florathon event recently. Please lend him a hand to make this venture a success.


Our forthcoming Annual General Meeting will be held in March next year. This is an election year. We welcome young blood. There will also be ample opportunities for those who wish to serve in our effort to launch a grand 120th Anniversary Celebration in 2015.

Our 2014 Alumni Dinner will be held on Saturday, 2nd August at Kinta River Front Hotel & Suites in Ipoh. Please free up the weekend to join us.


On behalf of my fellow Alumni Executive Committee, I would like to wish every one good cheers and a Happy and Successful Year ahead.

Best regards,

Lean Meng Seong
Alumni President
27th December 2013

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