Mr. Lee Weng Woh

I was born in Ipoh just four days after our nation’s Independence Day. I had my primary education in Guru Nanak Primary School from 1964 until 1969, followed by my secondary education i

n Labrooy Secondary School (1970 – 1972) and Anderson School (1973 – 1976). I received my training as a

teacher at Ipoh Teachers’ Training College and later obtained my Bachelor of Education degree from USM in 1987.

My first priority in ACS is to ensure and safeguard  that its ethos and character as a missionary school is not eroded. Next, it will be my aspiration to improve what the school has achieved so far as success is not an end by itself but rather it’s a journey. There’s still room for excellence both academically and in co-curricular fields especially in sports and co-academic activities. The other emphasis will be on holistic education for the students. Hence, I shall be consolidating all effort in raising not only the level of academic and co-curriculum achievement but also in enhancing discipline, civic-mindedness and the development of soft skills among the students.

A conducive school environment is very much a prerequisite for attaining further achievements for the school. In this aspect, the school will continue to work very closely with the Board of Governors, Parents and Teachers and the Alumni. I sincerely extend my invitation to the Board, the PTA and the Alumni to work together as a team so as to bring greater glory to our beloved ACS.

God bless.

3 Responses to Principals

  1. Lee Chua says:

    “…priority in ACS is to ensure and safeguard … ethos and character as a missionary school.

    “The other emphasis will be on holistic education for the students.”

    Both very sensible aims, the lack of which is why ACS – and Malaysian schools in general – had lost its way since it morphed from a government-assisted school into a full-fledged “sekolah menengah.”

    I’m now too old, too busy, and living too far away to be of much help, but if I returned to Malaysia within, say, a couple of years or so, I’ll try my best to contribute what I can towards your worthy goals.

    Best of luck

    PS/ I often used one of my pen names “Larry N” and I’m OK that this letter won’t be published. Not important, but hope you can read this before they delete it (just to encourage you in your venture).

  2. Lean Meng Seong says:

    Dear Mr. Lee Chua,
    We are delighted with your offer of assistance.
    Our Alumni and other stakeholders, including our School management,
    are very committed to restoring ACS Ipoh to the school of choice status.
    We look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. Lee Chua says:

    Will do that, dear schoolmate.

    I read somewhere that Anthony Pun blossomed as a scholar/individual(?) only after he emigrated to Australia. Still, I’m sure that, while ACS was certainly not a perfect educational institution, it did provide the foundation that allowed him and many others to flourish in later life. I never finished my secondary education in ACS, yet had the poise or confidence that got me through both academic and professional barriers. When I became a trained teacher in Selangor, my high school students found it hard to believe I never saw the inside of an upper secondary classroom. Years later, the incredulity deepened when I told my college students the same story. What was it that made us old salts different? Was it the unique tone of the school? An institution that somehow did not kill the inquisitiveness and creativity that’s innate in almost all living persons? I’ve had teachers who I felt were not up to the mark; yet ACS was also not lacking in those able to provide intellectual nourishment. Quite unlike the general situation today, I’m afraid. Which is why I’d been jogging every wintry evening (in a New England state) in a pair of Bata shoes that sport the ACS blue and yellow colors.

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