Class of 1962/1964 Reunion Dinner @ Marco Polo, KL (2.3.2013)

Mrs. Lai Moo Chan & Mrs, Loh Chin Hin

Ung Swee Kim, Lean Meng Seong and Dr. Ho Tak Ming

Guna, Meng Seong, Hon Chan

Mr. & Mrs Lai Moo Chan

Teh Chin Seng with Prof. Guna Seelan Selvaduray

With Our Honoured Guest, the waitress

Industrial Arts Club members ~ In the picture: Ling Ting Soo, Thong Kok Cheong, Rebecca Lee, Soong Mun Leong

Where is your picture in the Voyager? ~  In the picture: Mr & Mrs Lew Wa Chow, Tan Kee Peng, Yap Teong Aun


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