Mr. Hong Weng Kuen

Our Alumni Asociation has learned with sadness the passing away of old salt Hong Weng Kuen on 30th November (as reported in The Star, 1 December, orbituary page).

Weng Kuen (Cohort: 1941 Standard 9) was an outstanding sportsman in school, continuing his passion for sports in his life long association with the Kinta Swimming Club in Ipoh, serving as its President for long spells.

More recently he has been linked with this website.  His contribution of a collection of early volumes of “The Voyager” was much appreciated Click Here.  As was his essay on “My School-days at ACS Ipoh” Click Here.  Weng Kuen’s memory will continue to be  cherished through these particular website pages.

The Alumni Association has sent its condolences to Weng Kuen’s family.

Beng Hian

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