President Congratulatory Message

The Ipoh ACS Alumni Association - Australia Chapter

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your email of 16th November 2012 informing us that The Ipoh ACS Alumni – Australia Chapter was launched on 12th November 2012.

Our Alumni Association EXCO was most delighted with this development when I broke the good news to them. On behalf of our Executive Committee, I take great pleasure in extending our warmest congratulations to you and your fellow committee members and also to all your founding members for taking this very important stride forward. We wish you great success.

Australia is of course a very significant focal point of the Ipoh ACS diaspora. Going by our Alumni Website readership interest, after Malaysia and Singapore, Australia ranks a close fourth just behind U.S.A, with Canada not too far behind. We have no doubt that under the dedicated and passionate leadership of you and your fellow prime movers, we will soon see a very rapid escalation in the membership of your Chapter.

We will be forwarding to you very shortly our database on Old Salts in Australia – other than those who are already your founding members – many of whom have indicated an interest in helping to promote and participate in alumni activities in the cities they reside in. We will appeal through our Alumni Website to all alumni who are in contact with Old Salts residing in Australia, to help link up the latter with your Chapter leadership.

I am sure that before long the initial email linkage between your members will translate into many face-to-face activities cementing in Australia the Ipoh ACS spirit of “Friends Forever”.

It is our aspiration that the strong resurgence of the Ipoh ACS Fraternity at home in Malaysia and the mushrooming Chapters overseas will serve to bond all fellow Old Salts together seamlessly irrespective of where we are located.

It will be a most exciting experience for an Old Salt visiting another country to be able to have the opportunity to partake in the activities of that Chapter and to meet the Old Salts there.

Indeed, one very important role of the Alumni Association and the Chapters must be to facilitate opportunities for Old Salts to re-connect and to continue with past friendships started many many years ago in our younger days as well as to begin new ones. Let’s work together towards that and towards Ipoh ACS maintaining its stature, traditions and values!

Best regards,
Lean Meng Seong
Ipoh ACS Alumni Association
Sunday, 18th November 2012

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3 Responses to President Congratulatory Message

  1. says:

    I am an ex-ACS boy and left in 1978 after completing Form 5. I then completed my A levels with Taylor’s College in KL and came to do my tertiary education in Australia. I have since settled down in Melbourne, Australia. I am very keen to join the ACS Ipoh Alumni Australia. Please send more information and details.Thanks. Victor Low. Email:

  2. Loh Yoon Pin says:

    Dr Pun and the committee in Australia has taken the initiative to set up a chapter which is a good thing. On Thursday 2nd of January a few of us had the opportunity to catch up with our former teacher Mr Oh Boon Lian of the old school at the Prince restaurant in Parramatta for a Yum Cha. For me it was 58 years or more and a realisation that there are many old salts of ACS in Sydney.
    It was an occassion that we could get together and also to meet Mrs Oh. Chan Mun Chue, Foong Hon Kheong(Michael), Foo Sze Khean and Sze Meng(Brian) was also there. It was good having a game of golf with Sze Khean and Hon Kheong now and then and Sze Meng once.In the past I had been running with the Hash House Harriers in Ipoh of which Mun Chue was also a member.More surprising to learn that Sze Meng was also working with the same group of Companies of the late Datuk Sri Chan Swee Ho Group in the 70s.The old salts were students in ACS Ipoh during the 50s and 60s.Liew Chong Peng who I have social golf regularly had a prior engagement and was unable to attend.
    LOH Yoon Pin

  3. Dr Anthony Pun says:

    My apologies for not responding to Victor Low’s and Loh Yoon Pin’s email. The Chapter’s email address is not working. Please direct all correspondence to the Australlian Chapter to me at or call 0414976363. Call from outside Australia 61414976363

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