Organising Committee for 2012 Joint ACS – MGS Alumni Dinner

The Organising Committee commenced its first meeting on 6th December 2011 to work towards staging an enjoyable and successful Joint Reunion Dinner.

It has been a pleasure working together to make this the largest Dinner ever.


Lean Meng Seong (Chairperson)
Yau Sook Fun (Co-Chairperson)
Doreen Kam (Secretary)
Loo Wuen Hao (Treasurer)
Adam Chow Chin Siew (Co-Treasurer)
Looi Teik Aun
Chin Yoong Kim
Mrs. Lee Hock Hin
Puan Nalini
Chin Mei Leng
Tan Kit Pheng
Peggy Vong
Lau Mei Suen
Wong Wai Ping
V. Konasilan @ Guna
Lee Tong Hoi
Richard Ng Sake Hoe
Cheah Tong Kim
Gong Wee Ning

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