Bursaries for Ipoh ACS students

This year an increased number of bursaries are awarded to present students of Ipoh ACS by alumni and well-wishers, specifically “Charity L 3″.  The 35 bursary awards carry an aggregate value of RM 36,600. An additional two to three awards may be made available to the Lower Sixth students after their enrollment into the school later in May this year.

These bursaries are timely in helping the beneficiaries to continue their education and in fostering a more conducive set of conditions to motivate them to improve their educational achievements.

Whilst the bursaries are awarded on a “needs based” basis, as the number of bursaries available are limited, applicants have to demonstrate that they are particularly deserving. The selected students are aware that it is important to maintain and improve upon their school performance each and every year so as to earn the sponsorship for their entire duration of studies in Ipoh ACS.

[A]   “Charity L 3 Awards”

The Awards are funded by 3 friends, originally from Ipoh, now based respectively in Kuala Lumpur and overseas. Two of the L 3 are Leong’s and the third, a Lam: all in the prime of their career.

This altruistic assistance scheme is founded on the profound concern that some young people are being forced to discontinue their education prematurely, some as early as after Form 3, all because their parents could no longer afford to support them in school. This is most unfortunate as it will have a long term detrimental effect on their employment prospects, their well being and their livelihood.

The awards are given to students from 4 schools in Ipoh, namely:-

Perak Chinese Girls School
Methodist Girls School
Sam Tet Secondary School
Anglo-Chinese School

In Ipoh ACS the awards started in late 2009, with the selection of 15 Lower Sixth students who were given a monthly financial aid of RM 50 continuing into 2010.

This year [2012] the financial aid is increased to RM 100 per month payable over 10 months. A total number of 14 students from Forms 4 to 6 are benefitting from this assistance.

Extending beyond providing financial assistance, the donors and / or representative will meet with the sponsored students some time in the year to provide them career guidance and counselling advice.

[B]    “Striving for the Best Awards”

Instituted this year, the Awards are funded in equal proportions by an “anonymous” alumnus and Lean Meng Seong, and administered by the latter. Funds have been set aside to see the Awards through for seven (7) years. In other words, any / all of the successful candidates in Form 1 this year who continue(s) to do well in school in an all-round sense each year may expect to be sponsored under this Award for the entire duration of his / her studies in Ipoh ACS.

The Awards are open to Malaysians irrespective of race, creed or religion. Applicants are expected to be academically placed within the top 30% standing in their year.

The Award, as it is so named, is intended to exhort the successful applicant to test himself / herself and bring out the best of his / her potential. Successful candidates are expected to involve themselves actively in sports and extra-curricular activities, developing in the process useful leadership and social interaction skills.

This year a total of 15 Awards are given out: Form 6[1], Form 5[3], Form 4[3], Form 3[2], Form 2[2] and Form 1[4] with the Award monies determined as follow: Form 6 -RM1,200; Form 5 – RM1,200; Form 4 – RM800; Form 3 – RM700; Form 2 – RM600; and Form 1 – RM500. The total payout sum of RM11,800 will be disbursed to the students over 10 monthly installments via the school authorities.

In addition, the sponsors are working with Outward Bound School, Lumut to put together a 6 to 7 days adventure training and self-development course for the students. The cost of sponsoring each student for the course is about RM500 – RM600.

The sponsors will also conduct counselling and mentoring sessions for the sponsored students once every quarter this year.

The Awards will remain open for application for Lower Sixth students who are enrolling in May this year.

[C]    “Lai Chan Fah Awards”

Commencing this year, Mr. Lai Chan Fah will provide two [2] Awards worth RM1,800 each. He has requested his ex-classmate, Lean Meng Seong to administer the Awards on his behalf. The structure of his Awards and the pay-out will be in line with the “Striving for the Best Awards”.

Two successful candidates in Form 4 were personally interviewed and selected by Mr. Lai for this year.

[D]    Other Awards

Last year Dr. Rebecca Lee and her husband, Dr. Wong donated an Award of RM500 which went to a Form 5 student. A sum slightly exceeding RM1,100 has been remitted in and placed under trust conditions with the Alumni Association. This will substantively fund their Awards for this
year and 2013.

We are extremely pleased to learn that the student who received the 2011 Award has scored straight “A’s” in his SPM examinations.

They are joined by Alumni President, Lee Seong Yan and Alumnus and one-time Ipoh ACS Principal, Mr. Victor Chew who have recently donated RM500 each, for their first-time awards.

[E]   The Alex Leong Soo Nyean Award

As there was no taker for the originally designated “Spectacles Fund”, the anonymous donor, in consultation with Mr. Alex Leong, has authorised the interest earned on the Fund to be awarded as a bursary to an eligible student in the Lower Secondary classes. The Fund size, originally RM10,000 will be topped up by another RM10,000 over 5 years. The first amount of RM2,000 has been received.

[F]    Concluding Note

We thank Charity L 3, only one of whom studied in Ipoh ACS, for their magnanimous support. It is hope that more of our alumni will come forward to help sustain and expand these laudable efforts.

25 March, 2012

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