Michael Saw Guan Chye looking for long lost classmates

Michael Saw Guan Chye is looking for his long lost classmates. He is now
73 years old and has retired from Senior Management in Tan Chong Bhd.
He now plays golf to pass his time.
This photo of his class was taken about 1951/1952.
He is standing in the last row, fourth from the left, with his face slightly hidden by the
classmate in front.
He lives in KL.

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  1. Michael Saw Guan Chye says:

    Anyone knows the whereabouts of these old boys from the undermentioned list:-
    1. Mr. Lam Sai Keong 9. Mr. Chan Ho Choon 17. Mr. Goh Boon Hock
    2, Mr. Fong Soon Yin 10. Mr. Yee Sze Oon
    3. Mr. Khoo Boon Ho 11. Mr. Ooi Poh Hwa
    4. Mr. Hew Wai Sum 12. Mr. Thong Saw Choon
    5. Mr. Chew Keong Lai 13. Mr. Ng Kam Leong
    6. Mr. Chow Siang Fatt 14. Mr. Robert Liu
    7. Mr. Ooi Ban Bee 15. Mr.Wong Huat Mei
    8. Mr. John Ponniah 16. Mr.Kok Peng

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