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  1. Teh Choon beng says:

    Looking forward for more….Congrats..well done

    • Ivan Wong says:

      Hey, Mr Teh Choon Beng! I think I know you. I am Wong Tuck Pooi and I left Ipoh in 1969 and now reside in Sydney. can you remember?

      • Kah Sing Tham says:

        Hi Tuck Pooi and Choon Beng,

        This is Tham Kah Sing and I am now in Vancouver. You can reach me on my email at oriental_ks@hotrmail.com. Met Siak Hong with Ng Kee Hup in Ipoh previous year.

        Kah Sing.

      • Goh Kooi says:

        Hi Ivan,
        Teh Choon Beng is the younger brother of Teh Choon Seng who was in the same class as you Form 5 Arts A in 1968.

      • Lim Cheik Sung says:

        Hey! Tuck Pooi
        Where is your brother Tuck Seong ? You probably remember I was In Melbourne. I am still in Melb. We have in touch with a few 1969 Form 4 class mates on the net.

  2. Chris Liew (Class of 1979) says:

    Excellent start for the ACS Alumni website. Great job to all who made this happen!

  3. Ivan She (Class of 2005) says:

    I just stumbled across this site and I think this should be the way ahead to maintain our legacy in the digital world! Great job!

  4. Choo Siew Kioh says:

    Grateful to know where /how is Mrs Liew Yew Chin, a former teacher in the Staff pix of ’68. I recall that her husband was with George Town Dispensary Ipoh. And a Miss Leong who taught Art to Fifth Form in 1961. Thank you.

    • S.E. Cheah says:

      Mr. and Mrs. Liew were our neighbours in Canning Gardens. I would be grateful too to know where they are now. Thank You, Someone. Season’s Best and Happy New Year, Everyone!

  5. Great work on this site! I currently run acsipoh.com and will be pleased to give this url to you as you are all doing a great job. You are also free to collapse any of the contents in my site into this more universal site.

  6. Robert Leong (Hong Choon) says:

    Thanks for keeping our memories alive at this site!

    Here is a ‘satellite site’ that we had been keeping for the class of 1979:

  7. chew beng hian says:

    Hi Robert (Leong Hong Choon),
    Wonder whether you could send me at chewbenghian@gmail.com both these photos – Form 5 Science A1 and A2 with names of students now appearing – for insertion in this ACS website. Please send as attachments. Thanks.

  8. Robert Leong (Hong Choon) says:

    Hi Beng Hian,

    Please feel free to take the information and photos from the website at: http://www.yulan.com.au/acs79/1979Photos.html

    I’ve also sent these to you by email.

  9. Kenny Ong Kean Beng says:

    Looking to the launch of the website in April 2012. It will really keeps every “old salts” in the loop.

    Class of 1958 likes to re-unite with Lim Tow Teem and Wong Tat Peng. Can anyone out there help. My email is: kennykbong@yahoo.com

    • I am kuppusamy from chemor.I left the school on 1967. I would like to join the old boys association.
      I am residing in KL.
      thank you.

      • Kenny Ong Kean Beng says:

        Hi Kuppusamy – There is a group from Class 58 which meets every Wednesday @ 9.00 am at Original Kayu Nasi Kandar Jalan SS2/10 Petaling Jaya. I can say the get-together has not yet fail start. Please do feel free to join us to network. Cheers Kenny Ong Kean Beng

  10. Kenny Ong Kean Beng says:

    Hi Kuppusamy Do you have an email adress that we can get connected. You have been quiet about my offer to join for tea on Wednesday. Please give your indication

    • R. Venugobal says:

      Hi Kenny – Are there any from class of 1962 (Form 5 Arts A) in your group. I would like to meet them if there are any. R. Venugopal

  11. Hi Venugobal – We do not have anyone from 1962. However you can still join us as there may be amongst us who may know of someone in that year. Nevertheless join in the fellowship. Kenny Ong

  12. Robert Leong says:

    Hi guys, FYI, here is a compilation video of the 2012 reunion of the ACS-MGS Ipoh Class of 1979 that took place recently:

  13. Robert Leong says:

    Hi guys, here is a compilation video of the 2012 reunion dinner of the ACS-MGS Ipoh Class of 1979 that took place 2 weeks ago:


  14. Lean Meng Seong says:

    Hi Robert Leong,
    Thank you for sharing the video with us. It was most entertaining. Such strong bonds and spirit of camaraderie notwithstanding the lapse of 33 years! Well done!

  15. Ferric Yeong says:

    Thanks Dr Robert Leong for sharing our recent reunion on this site.

  16. Robert Leong says:

    You’re welcome, guys! Ferric, congrats on collecting some donations for the old school!

  17. Ivan Wong says:

    Chiek Sung,
    My brother Tuck Seong is in Sydney. I do not recall knowing that you are in Melbourne. I am in touch with Sum Hoy Tuck who is in Melbourne.


    Ivan Tuck Wong

    • LIm Cheik Sung says:

      I visited Sydney in 1971 and met up with Tuck Seong, when I was studying in Melbourne. There are afew of us 1969 (form 4) now in Melbourne. Forgot who Sum Hoy Tuck is. May attend re-union dinner next yr as our year students will likely be 60 yr old !

  18. Ivan Wong says:

    Hi! Cheik Sung,
    Go to FB and you should find Sum Hoy Tuck. He was in my year, 1968 Arts. Tuck Seong and three of my other older brothers attended the Alumni Dinner in August 2012. It was a most memorable and nostalgic occasion. Pity you, Victor, Yoong Fee and Mei Lin couldn’t make it.
    I met up with Mr. Jim Lee (Chong Lay) earlier in the year and had lunch with him. Was supposed to meet again in May but I had not diarised and thus miss meeting him.
    Do you come up to Sydney at all? if you do, let me know.
    Cheers and hope to catch up one day, maybe in Melbourne.


  19. mat nadzri z abidin says:

    hi, i’m Mat Nadzri, left ACS in 1972 ( 6UAA), would like to keep in touch with with my former schoolmates, both from form 6 and form 51970 as well as the pioneer police cadet corps. cheers.

  20. Yap KIm Hao says:

    Where have all my classmates gone? I am in the class that graduated in 1947. Studied in the U.S.1948-54, 58-60. Serving the Methodist Church in Malaysia & Singapore. Retired in 1994.

  21. Siew Yow Fook says:

    Hi to all ACS Swimmers,
    Wishing you all Merry X’Mas and Happy New year. Had dinner with Chin Yoong Fee.
    Trying to locate Lim Lai Mun and Lim Foh Sen and other swimmers.

    Thanks and cheers.

    Siew Yow Fook
    Email: soonyfsiew@gmail.com
    Address: 1265 North East Road, Ridgehaven, South Australia 5097

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