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All graduates of Ipoh ACS are encouraged to submit their relevant bio-data here so that over time we can gradually build up the Alumni Roll.

* Names in Alphabetical Order

* Names by Profession    

Old Boys / Girls are invited to submit a passport size photograph of yourself
and a brief bullet point write-up on the following:-

[aName ( Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. / Mdm. )
[bYear & Form at time of leaving school
[cAcademic / Professional Qualification
[dLast / current senior most appointment held and in which organization/company/Government Ministry ( Types of job description )
[eEmail address :
[fResidential address :

( Click to email and provide us the above mentioned info in sequence )


******************* For example : *******************************.

(attach together with a passport size photo)

[a]  Name :Tan Chin Hwa ( Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. / Mdm. )
[b]  Year & Form  : 1976, Form 6 Upper Arts A
[c]  Academic : Business Management
[d]  Last or Current  position : Event Manager ( Glorify Image Pte.Ltd.) ( type [5] )
[e]  Email address : tch@yahoo.com
[f]  Residential address : 111, Jalan Durian, Off Jalan Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur 55100, Malaysia


Types of job description :

[1]   Banking, Finance, Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation, Stockbroking, Financial Services,Consultancy (general, financial and business) & Insurance, etc

[2]   Medical & Healthcare Services & Products

[3]   Education (schools, colleges, universities, etc), Sports Management & Hosting

[4]   Leisure, Entertainment, Music, Drama, Arts, Humanities, Museum, Cinemas

[5]   Advertising, Promotions, Events Management, Multi-Media Communication

[6]   Journalism, Authorship, Publications, Printing, Media

[7]   IT Services, Facility & Consultancy

[8]   Engineering, Ship Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Infrastructural Construction

[9]   Manufacturing & Production (industrial, commercial and consumer products)

[10] Wholesaling, Retailing, Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation

[11] Multi-level Marketing & Distribution

[12] Food and Agricultural Production

[13] Properties & Infrastructural Development; Architecture; Structural, interior and Horticultural Design; Real Estate Management; Properties Advisory & Marketing; Valuation; Surveying. etc

[14] Energy, Oil and Gas

[15] Research & Development; Product/Service/Process Innovation, etc

[16] Support Services (highway, utilities, amenities, community & domestic services)

[17] Religious Establishment

[18] Armed Forces, Police and other Security & Enforcement Agencies

[19] Judiciary, Government Legal Services, Law Practices, Arbitration, Tribunals, Legal Aid

[20] Administrative & Diplomatic Services; Public & Local Government Services; Political Offices; Statutory Bodies: Government-linked Companies, etc

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