MESSAGE NO. 14/2015



1.  In paragraphs 1 to 9 of my Message No. 13/2015 penned on 16th August 2015, I had     already reported at some length on our 120th Anniversary Celebratory Events up to 2nd     August this year. That was jumping the gun a little for a report which should really have       adhered to the 2nd Quarter close-off date of 30th June 2015.  But reporting of events of       such exuberance should not be withheld to any later date.

2.  Past the 2nd August, the 3rd Quarter this year (the remaining part of August and           September) ended on a quieter tempo.  Here is a brief update to cover the gap up to 30th September this year.


3.  Our Alumni Website continued to draw sustained interest. Up to 20th November (a few days ago), we chalked up the following cumulative data:-

  Total No. Of Hits:          97,398
  Total No. Of Visitors:     22,073
  Total No. Of Countries: 127

4.  Our Alumni Facebook and Instagram went viral as usual attracting large numbers and also much interest from young students of not only ACS Ipoh but also other schools.


5.  After 2nd August, we capitalised on the various Year Group Reunion Parties to recruit members. This met with some success – a total haul of 41 members.

Year 1958/60 : 1
Year 1963/65 : 7
Year 1965/67 : 8
Year 1969/71 : 5
Year 1972/74 : 7
Year 1987/89 : 12
Year 1990/92 : 1


6.  The Alumni Golf Tournament was held recently in the 4th Quarter on 31st October 2015 before the Monsoon rainstorm.

7.  The Alumni initiated The ACS Ipoh:  The School of Choice project on 11th November this year.

With best regards,
Datuk Lean Meng Seong
Alumni President

25th November 2015

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