BBC “A Cook Abroad” (clip)

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  1. Kugendran Shanmuganathan says:

    The ACS Ipoh portion (15:19-22:10) was a wonderful walk down memory lane of my dear school, I studied at ACS from 1984-1995. BUT Rachel Khoo discussing segregation of ethnic groups, & national economic policy and attempting to seek its existence within school students was just uncalled for. That screwed up the whole essense of my dear school & our heritage we hold strongly in our school.

    All Education institutions globally have their students in their respective groups which consist of individuals who share a common interest. Be it a mixed race of individuals, or the same colored individuals, the same ethnicity of individuals. Rachel Khoo should not be questioning something which is so common globally, and exclusively scrutinize students at Malaysian school in-relations to the countries political strategies.

    “ACSian & Proud”

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