Quah Guan Teik

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  1. Dr Anthony (Swee Leong) Pun says:

    The late Mr Quah Guan Teik was a teacher deserved to be mentioned honourably.
    The excellent caricature captured Mr Quah physically and spiritually. He was not only an excellent geography teacher but also a lovable one., His watery eyes, slow speech and tone of voice were enough to melt any animosity; and no one ever shown any disrespect for him despite being disobedient and naughty. His tolerance was remarkable and basically he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
    I remembered well about his blue Honda motorbike which was parked between the building housing Lo Mo’s office and the northern side of the main building. Mr Quah was an exemplary teacher and people like him makes ACS Ipoh shine; and even though he is not with us, his spirit lives in our hearts. We shall always remember this kind gentleman. There is an article called “The Memorable School Trip by IpohBornKid at Ipoh World http://www.ipohworld.org/blog/?p=3438 and it described a Penang and Cameron Highland trips led by Mr Quan with 40 monkeys in an old ACS jalopy bus. I do have a class photo together with Mr Quan taken in 1960 whilst I was in Form III C. PS: Teong Seng, you could be my classmate.

  2. Leong Khuan Mun says:

    AP: Please take note that Teong Seng and I were classmates from Class of 64 (Form Five).

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